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Our Story

‘Aspire to inspire’ is exactly what one of the founder just did with AlphaArmour. The fillip moment was when one of the founders came back here to India to encounter a not so comforting gym experience. That is Prajval for you! The handsome beast with a hulk body and a dualist view.

To fuel  this very thought another  like-minded soul, Sumuk ventured in. In India, there is no much importance given to Gym/ MMA / Muay Thai clothing, which drew their attention. Our Palestrato founder, Prajval overviewed what the other gym practitioners voiced to be an unpleasant work out just for the reason of slouchy and lazy construction of clothing.  

Their interest to serve the gym devotees push them further to develop the idea into a business model.

Gym being the centre of their day to day activities influenced them so much that they left their regular work as Marketing Heads to follow their wit and whim!

“All seems to have passed in a jiffy! It seems like yesterday that we had a serious  discussion over lunch on this. A look-back and it brings us back to a surreal experience. Amazing!” recollects both the partners.

The beasts have been unleashed, AlphaArmour is all set to break the stereotypes and here to stay. It is a fix to all the negatives of Gym.

Enough, now go back to the catalog sheet and choose your AlphaArmour Premium wear for this month, because if it is important to you, find the way through AlphaArmour, if not you will find an excuse.

It's time to CRUSH your FEARS!

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